Our services.

Mirò Restoration in Rome provides its members with a full range of professional services: its skilled craftsmen offer preventive and conservative restorations of paintings and frames, furniture and ceramics, metals and professional wood restoration. Mirò is also unique and able to provide personalized decoration objects on demand, trompe l’oeil, faux marble, gilding and silvering, decoration of furniture, doors, cabinets, chairs and other objects.

Mirò also organizes Restoration Courses and guided visits to museums.


Mirò Restoration specializes in preventive conservation and restoration of paintings, paintings, furniture, statues, frames, paintings, ceramics, metals, golden objects. With experience and professionalism are applied on objects all the techniques of restoration and conservation required for the full recovery of the various works of art.


Miro Restoration uses the creativity and craftsmanship of its staff for the construction and decoration of unique and custom objects. Our craftsmen associated with their experience can reinvent furniture-objects in disuse for a new use.